Sound Healing

      Tibetan Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years as instruments of healing.  Chris Anne studied with third generation Master Sound Healer Shree Krishna Shahi from Nepal, and now brings this ancient art to you.
     We begin the session with a personal consultation and answer any questions you may have. Then you will lie down relax, close your eyes and drift into an altered state which facilitates the body to heal. As your chakra's re-align, breathe peace and enter the profound state of physical-mental and emotional well-being. Since the body is 80% water the bowls will give you a cellular massage. Leave as if you were 10lbs lighter, because that is exactly what will happen as the pounds of stress, anxiety and fear melt from your system.
30 Minutes=$45
45 Minutes=  $60
60 Minutes=$75
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Aroma Therapy Reiki Sound Healing


     During this Decadent  treatment you lay face up, wearing comfortable clothing and are covered by a cozy blanket.   Your body is surrounded by seven sacred Tibetan Singing bowls, each tuned to one of your seven major energy centers, also known as Chakras.
     The Session begins with a personal consultation and answering of any questions you may have. Then I play the singing bowls around your body.  The bowls harmonious vibrations are known to alter space, time and the mind, while awakening cellular memory and penetrating every fiber of the body.  This creates a blissful feeling of peace and deep relaxation, like being in an aware dream state.  The harmonious vibrations of the bowls are known to dissolve stress, depression, stagnation and ill feeling,  literally enlightening the mind, body and spirit, cleansing the aura and leaving you feeling weightless and free.
       After the bowls have been played to the point where you are deeply relaxed we then combine the oils and Reiki to enhance the experience.
      In a nut shell, we place the oils in front of your nose, allowing you to breath it’s essence in and fill your body, mind, and soul with its therapeutic qualities.    We then place a few drops on our hands or on your body, depending on the Chakara we are working with, and hold our hands on the body, allowing the Reiki energy , or as we like to call it pure love energy, to flow.   While we are doing this we also play the singing bowl that directly corresponds to the energy center we are working with.   This magical combination has a three fold healing effect that that rejuvenates, revitalizes and balances the body mind and soul; this is where the greatest healing can happen. 
45  Minutes=$75
60 Minutes=$85
75  Minutes=$95
90 Minutes=$105